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About AMR

Founded in Casper, Wyoming by James A. Kane on April 5, 1984, American Mobile Research began providing basic gas and liquid hydrocarbon testing to the Petroleum Industry. Soon after expanding its analytical services to include detailed sulfur analysis of gas and liquid hydrocarbons, AMR developed the first mobile laboratories in its region providing the oil & gas industry with “real time” analyses.


In 1993, American Mobile Research, Inc. began the first test treater research studies which brought a considerable amount of notoriety to the company. To date, American Mobile Research has worked on the development of over 100 new products used in the industry, leading to many changes in the way samples are taken and analyzed.

James continues to operate as President & CEO of American Mobile Research, Inc. which has since become a leading analytical firm in hydrocarbon and sulfur testing. Providing gas & liquid chromatographic analysis, specialized testing & research in desulphurization processes, and ICP analysis of metals in various catalytic processes.


AMR's client base has grown from national to international, providing testing & research for several major companies in Europe & the UK.


James A. Kane - Founder / President
Jim has over 38 years experience in Laboratory Testing and has been the owner of the company since its creation over 30 years ago. His expertise in Chromatography has allowed him to establish his company as one of the best analytical firms in Oil and Gas studies, as well as an educator to many of his clients whom wish to better understand the science. In addition to his years in Analytical Chemistry, Jim has also spent over 15 years providing research in Desulphurization catalytic processes. This experience has lead to the development of several new catalysts which are currently being utilized in the Petroleum Industry.

Prior to American Mobile Research, Jim worked as Laboratory Director for Caleb Brett International and General Manager of Lab Operations for SGS Control Services. He began his career in Chemistry in 1974, working for the Horvitz Research Laboratory in Houston, Texas. To this day, Jim credits his education at the Horvitz Research Lab as his inspiration to remain in this science and to eventually build his own Laboratory which continues to offer extensive chromatographic analysis to the Industry.

Email: jimkane@amri-lab.com

Tom Kerr - Vice President

Tom has been with American Mobile Research, Inc. since 2001 and is responsible for the Field Operations, as well as administrative duties within the company. Tom has over 25 years of experience in Gas Plant Operations with KN Energy/Kinder Morgan and is the primary sample technician for American Mobile Research, Inc. Tom has extensive experience and knowledge in sampling a wide variety of Oil and Gas products in both, Plant and Field operations. When he is not in the Field sampling, he is coordinating and managing the discharge of trucked products into Kinder Morgan’s Casper Gas Plant.

Tom is also responsible for the management and coordination of employee policies and Safety Procedures for the company. With extensive training in Hazardous Material Shipping & Handling, he works closely with our clients to oversee the safe shipping and receiving of their samples.

Email: tkerr@amri-lab.com

Eric Thorsell - Laboratory Director

Email: Ethorsell@amri-lab.com

Heather Wohl - Laboratory Coordinator

Email: hkane@amri-lab.com

Rick Wohl - Laboratory Supervisor

Email: rickwohl@amri-lab.com

Arvid Sahlin Jr. - Lab & Field Operator

Email: asahlin@amri-lab.com

Pat Frenick - Lab Technician
Donnie Keating - Lab Technician


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